Foreign applicants find two ways to enter the Program of Social History:

1) Through the annual selection process, as informed in the respective selection Call/Official notice (usually published in May or June at ;

2) Outside the selective period. In this case, the candidate must enter via the PEC-PG Agreement (via the Ministry of Education of Brazil) - accessible to candidates from countries with which Brazil has agreements for the formation of Postgraduate staff,
notably Latin America and Africa.

The foreign student may request a “double PhD graduation degree”, through an institutional agreement between his university of origin and USP. This modality allows him to maintain a link with his University of origin and, at same time, have a PhD title also recognized by the University of São Paulo, co-supervised by a specialist in the Social History Program. The process must be formalized with the Social History Program Coordination and may take a few months to be approved in all instances.

Futher information for foreign applicants can be found in the links bellow:

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Social History/Basic Information:…

Double Title:

HIstory of the University/Graduate: