Curricular Structure

The postgraduate program in social history follows the training guidelines issued by FFLCH – (Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences) in all its programs. The program offered c. 35 courses by academic year in various areas of historical knowledge, with a plurality of thematic, temporal, theoretical and methodological approaches.

To complete the Master's course at least 24 credits in courses are required as well as 72 credits regarding the production of the dissertation.

To complete the PhD course with the title of Master at least 8 credits are required in courses as well as 160 credits regarding the production of the thesis.

To complete the direct PhD course at least 32 credits in courses as well as 160 credits regarding the thesis are required.

It should be noted that the orientation of the University of São Paulo for postgraduates emphasizes research. Thus, students are required to develop their research with constant monitoring by their supervising professor. The courses of most FFLCH programs at USP are elective with no minimum core of subjects to be attended. The requirement is a minimum number of credits in courses, two thirds of which have to be taught within the subjects offered by the FFLCH programs. Enrolment in courses must be approved by a professor and a supervisor.